Trouble Tie-Dye

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Tis the season, to give and give back! For the unique brand of TroubleMaker, snag a gorgeous one-of-a-kind item. ALL of these confections have been donated by amazing designers who embrace the TroubleMaker mission.

When Karyssa Edwards wrings her hands on a garment, she turns it into a work of art. And supports equity. We’ve partnered with her to create only 3 sweatshirts and the result is powerful!!

S- orange
M green & blue,
L- purple & yellow

Women earn less, save less, and hold less secure jobs.  The COVID-19 pandemic heightens challenges to new levels.  This holiday season, 100% of profits from this product are directed to Gift Card Bank, a non-profit providing critical relief for essentials such as food and clothing to those in need.

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